An Out in Tech Match Made in (Fintech) Heaven ðŸŒˆ

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Meet the founders behind Daylight, the first and only digital banking platform in the U.S. specifically designed for the LGBT+ community

Our community has $1 trillion spending power in the US and yet 53% of LGBT+ people struggle to maintain regular savings.

Founders Rob Curtis and Billie Simmons, recipient of the full-tuition Out in Tech coding scholarship, found this to be high-key unacceptable and were done letting the financial systems ignore their specific needs as LGBT+ people. So they built Daylight, the first and only digital banking platform in the U.S. specifically designed for the LGBT+ community and built around our unique needs: different timelines, different kinds of families, different goals and different futures. Not to mention different hair hues!

Rob Curtis & Billie Simmons met on stage at an Out in Tech event where they were both speaking on a panel as entrepreneurs of other tech start-ups. It was a match! Their involvement in Out in Tech has played an integral role in the success of their company.

Without Out in Tech, we wouldn’t have such a great founding team, and since we’ve recruited about half of our team via Out in Tech, we probably wouldn’t have Daylight either.” – Rob Curtis.

Not only did Billie and Rob meet through Out in Tech, they also have been actively hiring and sourcing from the Out in Tech community.

“The Out in Tech community has been instrumental in so many ways for us as a company. We’ve been able to source writers, testers, customers and even employees all through the Out in Tech slack group, and it’s also given us access to a really supportive community of LGBTQ+ people while we go through the ups and downs of building a company.” – Billie Simmons

This is the magic of our community and what Out in Tech is all about. We’re here to celebrate it all! 🌈

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Daylight is the first and only digital banking platform designed for and by the LGBT+ community

Daylight is the first and only digital banking platform in the U.S. specifically designed for and by the LGBT+ community. Daylight’s card, app and digital services prepare members for the future faster by helping them to navigate the finance system, generate smarter habits and connect with a community working together to build the life they deserve without compromise. Daylight is supported by financial and payment industry icons Visa and Marqeta. The company was founded by LGBT+ entrepreneurs Rob Curtis and Billie Simmons. To learn more, visit

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