9 LinkedIn Tips for Stopping Recruiters in Their Tracks

Header image reads, How do I make my LinkedIn stand out?

Stand out as a candidate on LinkedIn with these pro-tips from Kin + Carta Talent Acquisition Specialist, Yaz Hill (She/Ze)

It’s easy to write LinkedIn off as just another social media platform, but the reality is, LinkedIn works! This is where recruiters start their candidate searches and even though your resume may be top notch, if your LinkedIn isn’t on the same level then you run the risk of being skipped over. Stop those recruiters in their tracks with these LinkedIn do’s and don’ts from Kin + Carta’s Talent Acquisition Specialist, Yaz Hill (She Her/Ze Zim)!

5 LinkedIn Do’s

Do Add Pronouns – put them next to your name for now, but word on the street is that LinkedIn is adding a specific feature for this. 🌈

Do Serve a Beat Face – this is the visual component of your profile and your very first impression. You don’t need a professional headshot, that iPhone Portrait Mode is 🔥 (or whatever the Android equivalent is). If you aren’t comfortable being out there like that, your Memoji or Bitmoji are a fun alternative!

Do Highlight Your Career Progression – It’s not just about a promotion or switching jobs. Find ways to show your growth with in the same organization. The glow up matters!

Do Include Volunteer Experience – That work is still relevant. It might not have contributed to your bank account, but it contributed to your experience and skills.

Do Respond Tactfully and Politely – While recruiters might send out mass DMs, politely respond to them. No need to burn bridges, because you never know when they might come back around into your life.

4 LinkedIn Don’ts

Don’t Only Highlight Your Team’s Experience – And avoid just adding your company’s boilerplate description. Highlight and quantify what you’ve done or contributed to a project or team. It’s all about your impact!

Don’t Hide Your Certifications – Rule of thumb: any certification that is listed on your resume should be on your LinkedIn. Get cozy with the LinkedIn certification feature.

Don’t Leave Your Banner Image Blank – Use this space to show off your personality and interests as a well-rounded individual. Your hobbies and interests outside of work can help recruiters and other tech people relate to you and build your network.

Don’t Shy Away From Recommendations – A good recommendation doesn’t just come from a boss or manager, it’s from anyone who has experience working with you, even a group project. If you feel like a bother, offer to swap recommendations.

One Final Tip

Always engage! Share articles of personal interest (or any of your own writing). Join groups, take LinkedIn certifications, and/or attend free webinars. Each of these engagement activities help you appear higher up in recruiter searches vs. those who don’t actively engage on the platform.

Now go #GetThatGig via LinkedIn!


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Yaz Hill ( She Her / Ze Zim) is a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Kin and Carta with over 5 years of experience recruiting experience within the Manufacturing, Engineering, and IT industries. As a Detroit Native, Yaz started her recruiting career servicing the Automotive industry after graduating with a BA in Theatre from Wayne State University. In her spare time, Yaz enjoys performing Stand up Comedy, attempting longboarding, and family time with her 9 siblings including her kitten, Ramen

Kin + Carta exists to make the world work better by delivering transformative digital growth for our clients. As a digital transformation firm, we apply creativity, data, and technology to help clients invent, market, and operate new digital products and services that turn prospects into customers, and customers into advocates. Kin + Carta seamlessly integrates the strategic consulting, software engineering, and marketing technology needed to help businesses ‘Make It Happen’. 

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