Out in Tech is a global non-profit community that relies on the generosity of its corporate sponsors, grant makers, and donors. Wanna join this amazing crew?

Major Sponsors

  • Automattic

Grant Sponsors

  • eBay Foundation

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Community Partners

Thank you to our major individual donors:

  • David Beatty
    Gibson Biddle
    Ferdinand Boas
    Julia Cheng
    Josh Criscoe
    Jesse DeRose
    Peter & Jennifer Friedenbach
    L. Franklin Gilliam
    Nuno Guerreiro
    Toby Hervey
    Russell Jacobs
    Frank Jania

  • Phong Le
    Ely Liu
    Andrew Lowenthal
    Nolan Madson
    Chris Maliwat
    Rafael Petry
    Lukas Thoms
    George Wells
    Marcie Cheung
    Marc Dickstein
    Jess Szmajda
    Tom Yeager
    Evan Zawatsky

A note about our supporters:

We work with our corporate partners to share best practices around LGBTQ+ inclusive recruiting and hiring. That said, we cannot guarantee that their talent practices for applicants or employees will be free from bias or icky-ness (a technical term). In other words, we don’t certify entire companies as queer- or trans-inclusive because we believe each team and hiring manager is different, but we do think their intentional partnership and financial support of Out in Tech is a data point you can consider as you decide where you may want to work, shop, or engage.

Our theory of change includes working with tech companies to recruit, hire, retain, and promote as many LGBTQ+ tech leaders as possible, because we believe this will lead to equity and belonging for all historically underestimated or excluded groups.