Belonging Toolkit®

Welcome to Out in Tech’s Belonging Toolkit® — our guide to building a more inclusive culture at work. See below for hot takes on employee resource groups (ERGs) and more!

What’s an ERG?

In a world full of division, employee resource groups (ERGs) strive to bring people together.

Also known as affinity groups (e.g. Dog lovers, K-pop fans), networking groups (e.g. San Francisco State University alums), and/or identity-based groups (e.g. Latinx or LGBTQ+ folks), ERGs are voluntary, employee-organized associations that organize events, socially convene, and celebrate people and issues of common interest.

ERGs exist for lots of overlapping reasons:

  • Attracting members of a particular community to your company, either as customers, clients, or job candidates
  • Providing opportunities to engage members of / allies of said communities
  • Strengthening a company’s expertise on culturally-specific issues
  • Signal-boosting relevant events, holidays, and causes
  • Networking with community members from different companies
  • Finding your new work bestie
  • Learning about each other
  • Trust falls, group hugs, and snacks (okay, let’s just stick w/ #3)

What’s the business case?

And for you data-driven folks, here’s the business case for ERGs:

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How to Launch an ERG

How to Grow an ERG

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