Out in Tech U Partnerships

To increase the local impact of Out in Tech U we partner with LGBTQ+ community organizations on the ground in cities across the country. Through a series of impact programs we’re able to offer opportunities to our partners’ members to explore careers in the tech industry and develop skills to prepare them to enter the workforce.

Impact Programs

  • Technical Skills Training

    We partner with some of the leading tech companies to provide free training and certifications to our partners’ members interested in pursuing a career in tech. These certifications are industry-recognized as proof of competency in the technical skills needed for entry-level jobs even without a 4-year degree.

  • Community Events

    In addition to our regular OIT U events we also offer tailored events to the needs of our community partners. These events tend to be more casual and fun and serve as a way to introduce careers in the tech industry to partner members who may never have considered it. We work closely with our partners to develop programming that meets the needs of their members.

  • OIT U Mentorship Program

    We offer premiere access to our flagship mentorship program to all members of our community partners.

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Community Partners