Meet the OIT Interns

We love our interns at Out in Tech! We are putting the spotlight on our four Fall 2021 interns. Get to know the four brilliant people who help keep our small team running:

Patricia Reimao (they/them): Program Intern

About them:
Patricia is currently a computer science major hoping to concentrate on Artificial Intelligence. They love learning new languages so right now they are studying German and Korean. They also love Taekwondo, even though they haven’t done it in a while. They love listening to all genres of music but mostly indie, kpop, and Latin music. They also really love traveling and hope that someday, they will be able to travel all around the world!

What they love about OIT:
I love that there are so many opportunities to meet new people! I was in the mentorship program and I got to meet my wonderful mentor and other mentees. There are also so many events that give people the opportunity to try new things and help people network with others in the community. There’s also such a wide variety of events so whatever you’re interested in, there’s probably an event for it.”

To everyone reading this:
“Join the slack! Join channels you’re interested in and talk to people there. Be an active member of the community and it’ll make your experience so much more fun. Making connections is important, not just for opportunities but to be able to talk to people with the same interests as you. Don’t be scared to reach out!

Tai Murray (she/they): Partnerships Intern

About her:
Tai loves people, the outdoors, and live performances. When she is able to combine all three, she is a happy camper (no pun intended). Her passion for working with people has brought her to Out in Tech. She is excited to continue fostering relationships and partnerships for LGBTQ+ people in the tech industry,

What she loves about OIT:
I love that Out in Tech is bringing the LGBTQ+ community together in the tech industry and creating opportunities that would have been so much more difficult for individuals to find.”

To everyone reading this:
It is immensely important to me that my workplace inspires me, values my input, and honors my identity. I’m excited to be working with Out in Tech because this organization makes that reality a possibility for all of us.”

Somya Pandey (she/her): Partnerships Intern

About her:
Somya is a student at NC State University studying Computer Science and English. She loves learning about artificial intelligence and blockchain, and in her free time, she keep bees and cultivates a vegetable garden.

What she loves about OIT:
I love that there are so many different facets of OIT – there’s literally a community for everything! Some of my favorite channels in the Slack workspace include #sci-fi, #performing-arts, and #mspec-bi-pan-omni-multisexual.”

To everyone reading this:
This is an amazing community, so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and attend events! Every person I’ve met through OIT has been so authentic, kind, and just amazing.

Eniola “OJ” Oshiafi (she/her): Social Media Marketing Intern

About her:
OJ is a double major in Media & Comms and Journalism with a minor in Marketing at NYU so she is interested in doing Marketing and Comms in a tech company after graduation. She loves anime and Beyoncé. She also loves all things comedy and is obsessed with Twitter.

What she loves about OIT:
I love that Out in Tech is literally a pioneer in the tech industry. ‘Bro culture’ in tech is a real problem and elevating voices of queer people, women, and BIPOC people is incredibly important to tear down that culture. And OIT works hard to give people the tools to do exactly that.

To everyone reading this:
“Follow Out in Tech on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter!!!

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