3 Out in Tech Trans/ENBY Members Making an Impact

Header image that reads, who are some trans OIT members making an impact?

To our Trans and Non-Binary community, we acknowledge the courage it takes to show up every day as your authentic self. We see you, support you, and celebrate you! 🏳️”âš§ï¸

And in the spirit of visibility and celebration of our Trans and Non-Binary community, here are few Trans Out in Tech members out here making an impact. We <3 you! ðŸ’—

F.J. Genus (he/him)

“My involvement with Out in Tech began in September 2017 when Gary reached out and offered to build a website for TransWave Jamaica, the non-profit I work with to advance transgender and gender non-conforming rights in the country, via the Digital Corps program. Since then, I’ve volunteered in the same program; leveraging my technical skills to provide Parivar – an organization serving queer, trans and South Asian people – with their own website.”


Daelynn Moyer (she/her)

Daelynn Moyer is a trans woman deeply committed to authentic, vulnerable connection, and building teams where people feel safe bringing their whole selves to work. When she’s not busy managing engineers at her workplace, she creates content covering a variety of topics from being a trans woman to working in tech. Check out this article of Daelynn exploring what it means to be a woman.


Cade Friedenbach (he/they)

“As an Out in Tech mentor, I have worked one on one with trans youth and love seeing the next generation of queer tech talent blossom. And last networking within Out in Tech has given me an amazing community that I can call on worldwide when ever I need support or leads for a job. I am very happy to be part of Out In Tech and excited to see where it grows next!”

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