222 Berkeley St

6th floor, Boston, MA 02116

Boston, MA, US, 02116

Give the new year a running start!  Join Out In Tech Boston for a panel and networking event on fitness and wellness in the tech community.  Experienced panelists in fitness and tech will discuss topics like common misconceptions in health and wellness, the use of design, data, and tech to improve physical and mental health, and strategies for happy bodies and minds.

Moderator: Chris Grasso (she/her), Associate Vice President for Health Informatics and Data Services at Fenway Health

Panelists: Alon Rivel (he/him), Marketing Manager, Acquisition & Conversion at Lose It!

Sam Dolph (she/her), Customer Support Manager at ASICS Digital (formerly Runkeeper)

Ricky Holguin (he/him), Bilingual Outreach & Prevention Navigator at Fenway Health for LLegando a Cero

Justice Roe Williams (he/him), Kettlebell Justice Training and The Queer Open Gym Pop-Up project


Note: Out in Tech’s Code of Conduct applies to all our spaces, online and IRL.

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