Out in Tech Youth visit Two Sigma's NYC office.Youth Mentorship Program

In April 2017, Out in Tech launched its first Youth Mentorship Program!

The program, sponsored by Microsoft, reached more than a dozen NYC public school students with a demonstrated interest in tech. Every participant even got a Surface! 💘📲 

And now, we’re doing it again! This fall, Out in Tech is supporting youth by:

  • Pairing them 1-1 with tech leaders (apply now!)
  • Guiding them through self-designed projects
  • Developing important skills like resume writing
  • Creating a fun and inclusive community for you (Slack channel! Happy hours!)

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Student Testimonies (2017)

"The Out in Tech Mentorship Program connected me with an amazing mentor who was willing to share his unique experiences and instill in me the confidence to be my authentic self. I gained a new perspective, wisdom, communication skills and an invaluable and supportive ally."
Denis Toro, 18
"Out in Tech provided me the opportunity to combine my passion for social justice and improving the LGBT community. I created an event with my mentor to bring Trans Youth to Facebook 's offices to share their works of art with employees as well as other Trans Tech professionals."
Je'Jae Daniels, 21

HMI Transgender Employment Project

Out in Tech Youth visit VH1's NYC office.
Out in Tech is proud to be a partner of the Transgender Employment Project at Hetrick-Martin Institute, focused on the empowerment and safety of young transgender women of color. Hetrick-Martin Institute, home of the Harvey Milk High School, believes that all young people, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, deserve a safe and supportive environment in which to achieve their full potential.

Through Out in Tech’s Youth Program, we’ve brought members of HMI to visit various companies including LinkedIn, Two Sigma, VH1/Logo, and more soon! 

These field trips facilitate career access for Out in Tech Youth.  How, you ask?  Students will:

  • Meet LGBTQ+ individuals working in tech and hear about their personal stories
  • Visit tech-focused workplaces to get a sense of what it’s like in the industry
  • Ask questions pertaining to their own career trajectories and personal stories
  • Network and build relationships with professionals for prospective internships
"We partnered with Out in Tech to expose our youth to LGBTQIA and gender affirming tech companies. In return, our youth received valuable memories, business savvy insiders, and the confidence to really picture themselves working behind some of the biggest names in the tech industry."
Monique Mathews
Educational Specialist at Hetrick-Martin Institute

Out in Tech Youth is built on three core pillars:


We connect youth with resources about the tech industry, and its various job functions.  We encourage the next generation of LGBTQ youth to take ownership over their career paths.


We maintain that seeing is believing.  Exposure to new careers can change a life’s trajectory. We inspire LGBTQ youth to visualize themselves building the tech companies of the future.


We encourage the next generation of LGBTQ youth to pursue internships and new educational opportunities. We build persistence and grit in support of whichever pathway they choose.

In 2016-17, we are:

  • Hosting classes, seminars, and workshops for 100+ students from Maven’s Queer Youth Tech Camps in SF, NYC, Boulder, and Austin; the NYC Department of Education, and the Hetrick-Martin Institute.
  • Bringing 75+ public school students to visit tech companies, start-ups, and teams in NY, SF, and LA.  Our first trip of 2016 was at The New York Times with the Academy for Young Writers, including a newsroom tour and LGBTQ panel discussion on digital media.
  • We’ve also brought students from the High School of Fashion Industries to Vogue for a tour of their new office and to meet with editors; and students from around NYC to Two Sigma for a lecture by Professor Jennifer Rexford, Computer Science Department Chair at Princeton University.
  • Launching a 1-1 youth mentoring program to inspire LGBTQ-identifying teens to pursue careers in tech, including internships, coding classes, and other post-secondary training opportunities. Events at Microsoft, Pinterest, and Bank of America.

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