Youth Mentorship Program

Out in Tech’s Mentorship Program empowers and encourages diversity in the tech world, pairing students with like-minded professionals working in the tech sector today. Students can learn first-hand the hard and soft skills needed for launching a successful career.

To help mentees develop the skills they need and want, Out in Tech taps its network of 15,000 members to find volunteer engineers, designers, researchers, and marketing gurus who are passionate about helping the next generation of LGBTQ+ professionals.

Through an eight-week-long after school program, mentors and mentees work closely together to create fun and inspiring projects, visit cool tech companies, and build lasting relationships based on mutual respect and interests.

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We encourage any student between the age of 16-22 interested in programing, data, or design to apply to be a mentee. No experience or previous coursework necessary!

Mentee applications close February 23rd, so don’t wait!

The Need-To-Knows

Apply Now!

Mentee applications close February 23rd, so don’t wait! Apply now

It's Free

No joke! Thanks to our amazing sponsors and partners, the program is free and located in NYC

Open + Inclusive

We primarily work with LGBTQ+ youth, but we love everyone’s support and participation. Allies and friends are welcome!

Program Duration

Kickoff is March 30th, and runs for 8 weeks ending on June 1st.

Weekly Commitment

For 2 hours each week mentees and their mentors connect in-person or via Skype, at the times of their choosing.

Field Trips

Half-way through the program, mentees and mentors will have a group outing hosted at a sweet tech company. (Previous visits include Pinterest and Bloomberg)

Hear From Previous Mentors + Mentees

Out In Tech’s Youth Mentorship Program offered me a great experience where I got to hear from LGBTQ people working in tech, and learn more about their experiences. My favorite part was visiting Pinterest’s New York office for a group panel discussion. I am also really thankful that I got to meet Matt my mentor who helped develop my professional skills and became a great friend to me.

Robin, Mentee

Being a mentor for Robin was a fun and gratifying way to help out and give back. I taught her the basics of web development and design, and offered an introduction to personal storytelling and how it relates to the workplace. We still talk quite frequently, and I’m excited to see where her future career in technology will lead.

Matt, Mentor

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Are you a curious young mind interested in learning more about tech? Want to know more about all the work that went into making that amazing selfie filter (or what it’s like to work at the company that made it?) You need to be an Out in Tech Mentee!

We’ve got an amazing mentor waiting to show you the ins-and-outs of tech, and support you as you work together to build your dream project.

Become a mentor

Are you a professional in the tech industry with mad skills? Bet you are. You design, code, market, or strategize – and you make it all look easy. Now’s your chance to put those skills to good use: Become a Mentor!

There’s an LGBTQ+ student who would love to meet you, learn from you, and maybe even show you a cool new thing or two.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone between the ages of 16-22 is welcome to apply to be a mentee. We encourage any students interested in programing, data, or design (and no previous experience or coursework is necessary to apply).

Now! Mentee applications close February 23rd, so don’t wait! Apply here.

We accept about 12 students in the greater NYC area each session, and the program is completely free (thanks to our amazing sponsors below)

Kickoff is March 30th, and runs for 8 weeks (ending on June 1st).

For 2 hours each week mentees and their mentors connect in-person or via Skype, at the times of their choosing.

Half-way through the program all mentees and mentors participate in a group outing hosted at a sweet tech company in the city. (Previous visits include Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Bloomberg)

Mentors are expected to commit approximately 3 hours per week, with 2 hours dedicated to meeting with your mentee (these can be blocked together, or as two 1-hour sessions). One hour is dedicated to developing students’ career-oriented skills to prepare them for the working world (e.g., information about career paths, interviewing skills, and resume building); the second houris dedicated to building the student’s project (see below for more information).

Paired mentors will need to complete a background check with the City of New York in order to work with students. We will provide more information when that process begins. If you have already been fingerprinted in the past for a volunteering or teaching opportunity, please let us know in your application.

Mentors and mentees will identify areas of interest and experience in their applications. Out in Tech will provide mentors with eligible students’ resumes, and ask them to identify three candidates they would be comfortable working with. Out in Tech will then make the final pairings.

For mentors, ideal candidates will be experienced STEM professionals comfortable helping students with small technical projects. However, we welcome volunteers from a broad range of tech-related fields, including sales, marketing, design, etc.

Out in Tech will provide a suggested skeletal outline of topics and activities to cover during mentoring sessions. However, mentors and mentees are encouraged to use their creativity to build on this, dedicating time on particular areas of mutual interest and expertise. Mentors and mentees will spend time each week developing both functional and career-oriented skills for a future in tech.

Students entering the program will be asked to prepare a small project that they expect to complete in eight weeks. Mentors should guide initial project selection, and can help refine or modify projects, as necessary, throughout the program.

Mentor/mentee meet-ups will ideally be done in-person, at a time and place of mutual choosing. At least three events will be hosted at various sites around the city — dates/locations are still to be determined.

This is a case-by-case situation. Some students may have their own laptops on which to work on their projects. For students without, we may ask mentors to bring a laptop with them to mentoring sessions. Out in Tech is committed to ensuring every student and mentor has the necessary equipment to be successful in the program.

Applications close Friday, September 8, and all those who applied by the deadline should expect to hear no later than Friday, September 22.

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