OIT U Explorer Program

Over nine weeks, Explorers will meet, learn from, and share stories with cool and kind LGBTQ+ professionals working in the tech industry. Together, we’ll compare notes about how to grow and prepare for whatever the future holds: affording college, landing a sweet job, being your best self! 🏆

And! Probably most important: we’ll be there for each other. Profesh stuff aside, life can be tough at times. As a community, we like to support and learn from each others’ experiences, and will do whatever we can to support your journey from explorer to life expert! 💚

The Need-To-Knows

It's Free

Thanks to our amazing sponsors and partners, all you need to give is your enthusiasm. Bring it!

Open + Inclusive

We primarily work with LGBTQ+ young people, but we love everyone’s support and participation. Allies and friends welcome!

Awesome Mentors

Meet LGBTQ+ professionals who know what’s what about work, school, and life (because they’ve been there too!)

Program Duration

Kickoff the week of October 1, running for nine weeks, ending the week of December 3, 2018.

Weekly Commitment

Meet once a week for 2 hours at cool tech offices around NYC. Bring your selfie sticks.


Weekly meetings alternate between “Profesh Development” workshops and Tech Company Visits. Sweet, right?

Thanks to our partner

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re 15-years-old or up, you’re good to apply! Since this is an “introductory” program to help younger LGBTQ+ people explore academic and professional opportunities, we’re looking for applicants who are still deciding what they want their future to look like.  

Applications are open from August 5, 2018 to September 21, 2018. go! Go! GO!

More like what don’t you learn about! We’ll cover topics like: Paying for higher ed, being “out” at work, and how to write a killer resume and charm an interviewer. You’ll also visit lots of tech companies around NYC to hear from LGBTQ+ employees about how they got where they are, and what it’s like working in tech.

Officially 2 hours a week, but if you want to hang out with your new besties outside of the program, we’re not going to stop you!

We like to keep some things as surprises, so no specifics yet. But in the past, our U programs have visited tech companies like Google, Pinterest, Microsoft, and Bloomberg. #humblebrag