Out in Tech Talks | QTBIPOC Edition

Thank you for your interest in participating in Out in Tech Talks | QTBIPOC Edition on Friday, April 9th from 3p to 6p ET.

The event will be an opportunity specifically for Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (QTBIPOC) members of Out in Tech to hear from recruiters with similar identities and learn about open roles at various companies like yours!

Please note that we are looking exclusively for people of color to present at the round robin. While we welcome allies, we want to make sure that this event is a safe space by and for POCs (featuring people who have a keen understanding of the additional difficulties candidates of color face in the tech industry).

Out in Tech Talks | QTBIPOC Edition 🌈

  • In this room, one or two of your recruiters will present roles available at your company within this field.
  • If you are also hiring in another one of these fields, select it so that another recruiter can present open roles there. Please do NOT select the same room twice.