A few words about the importance of engaging externally (yay, Qorporate!)

What is a Community Partnership?

  • We are stronger together!

    This is why we encourage you to reach out beyond your tech bubble to make friendsies with non-profits, schools, STEAM education and enrichment programs.

    A community partnership presents an opportunity to give back to your local community. This can take any form or frequency.

    Okay, so you have a few ideas of local groups you’d like to learn more about and see if there’s an opportunity to support. Dope.

  • Examples of strong initial outreach:

    ● Saw on your website that you do “x” — we admire your work because reason 1, reason 2

    > Tip: Set your outreach apart by showing you did some light research. Can only help!

    ● Looking to understand how we can mobilize our company’s resources in support

    ● Hoping to understand how you typically partner with companies (e.g. sponsorship)

    ● Wondering if you’re ever looking for in-kind support like venues and food

  • Examples of poor initial outreach:

    ● Our chief diversity officer or CEO will be in town next month, we’d like to do an event with you

    > Tip: establish a relationship first, it’s presumptuous to think the calendar is wide open and that partnering with your company is an organizational priority for them, especially a group focused on direct service delivery to marginalized populations

    ● Please respond with your availability to talk today or tomorrow

    > Tip: perhaps gauge interest in having a conversation first. Or if you’re a fan of timeframes, try 2 weeks instead of 2 business days — community orgs are often stretched thin, overworked, and underpaid — if paid at all, many are comprised solely of volunteers so their calendar management may work differently than yours

    ● We’d like to hold an event with you during Pride month. What dates work?

    > Tip: do we even need to explain this one?

    ✅ Note: these are all actual examples of outreach we’ve seen. Zoinks!

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