We’re looking for Digital Corps leaders !

In the past two years, Out in Tech Digital Corps volunteers have created 60+ websites for LGBTQ+ organizations around the world. These web platforms have helped amplify activists’ voices in countries where being LGBTQ+ is illegal, raise funds, share resources, and grow communities. We’ve got big plans to grow the program, and would love for you to consider joining our Leadership Team!

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Digital Corps Activist Coordinator (2)

Are you excited about meeting and working with LGBTQ+ activists? Do you have a fierce attention to detail and strong communications skills? Four times a year, 50 volunteers gather from 9a-5p to build websites for LGBTQ+ organizations; but making sure that they have all of the information necessary to build these websites requires a lot of work before the ‘build day.’

Our (small yet mighty) team of 5 volunteers is looking to add 2 people to help (1) selecting global LGBTQ+ organizations to build websites for, and (2) working closely with them to gather all of the information necessary. As a Digital Corps Activist Coordinator, it will be your responsibility to coordinate with them 2 to 3 months leading to the creation of their website to understand what type of website sections they need, gather all necessary assets (documents, pictures, text for each section), write a project specs that lays out the sitemap and site requirements, and choose a team of volunteers that makes the most sense for the organization you’re working with.

This is a great opportunity to directly work with some incredibly brave members of the LGBTQ+ community — and join a close-knit team of volunteers.

Time requirements: ~2-3 hours a week


Digital Corps Community Coordinator (2)

After 2 years, Out in Tech Digital Corps has supported over 60 LGBTQ+ organizations and worked with ~250 US-based volunteers that built websites for them. We are looking for 2 individuals to help nurture our existing Digital Corps alumni community and think about ways to further support the activists we have already helped. Among others, you’ll have to think about:

  • Have the websites built for LGBTQ+ organizations been useful? How so?
  • What are some success stories and challenges that have emerged from the websites developed?
  • What other technical support do the activists need?
  • How can the existing community of volunteers support those needs?
  • What kind of events can be organized for Digital Corps volunteers?
If you’re a results-oriented person with an entrepreneurial flair and passion for LGBTQ+ activism, this role is for you! We have the luxury of having worked with extraordinary activists in over 30 countries, and you’ll be responsible for checking in on these individuals and figuring out how to keep on supporting them.
Time requirements: ~2-3 hours a week