Growth Marketing

Some recommendations for how to grow your existing employee group.

Make a splash at all-staff meetings

  • Your new ERG is kinda like the new foreign exchange student at school.

    Folks have heard of them, they know where Australia is on the map (well, sort of). But are they ready to engage?

    Welp, you can cut through the awkwardness by introducing yourself and your ERG to the entire company. This can happen both IRL (at lunch or the kitchenette, for example) and digitally (Slack, company-wide email). Remember to keep it light-hearted, fun, short and punchy.

    Emphasize that everyone is invited (exclusivity is a common misconception), and always end with a call to action.


    “Hi everyone! My name is Candace, and I’m a part of the LGBTQ ERG here.


    “We organize socials and events with a focus on LGBTQ+ culture. Everyone is invited to join, regardless of how you identify.”


    “We meet every second Thursday at 12p in the lunch room – that’s tomorrow! Please join us if you like snacks, Beyonce, and LGBTQ things. Or even if you don’t like Beyonce (we won’t tell her). Thanks!”

  • 💡 Q-Tip: Serve some body-ody-ody! When pitching or public speaking for your ERG, try to keep your hands at your side, and refrain from fidgeting, and crossing your arms. This communicates confidence and will show people you’re a practiced community organizer ready for new joiners.

    💡 HR-Tip: Advocate for + own a standing D&I agenda item at all-team meetings. Try to get it near the top of the agenda, as people’s attention spans can wane towards the end.

  • When going the digital route (and we recommend both IRL and Digital for a multi-pronged approach).

    Here’s something you can send out, ahead of a scheduled event:

    Template Alert:

    Hello {{Company name}},

    This is Candace from Marketing. I’m a co-lead of the LGBTQ ERG here. The LGBTQ ERG organizes low-key socials and events for everyone.

    Consider this your cordial, standing invitation to come mix and mingle!

    We’re having a screening of the acclaimed Another Gay Movie tonight at 5pm in the Nintendo floor lobby. We’ve even ordered In N Out, and it would be tragic to let that go to waste.

    If not today, join us for our standing social every second Thursday at 12p in the lunch room.

    Thanks and see you soon!


Leverage all-staff comms

  • While creating special ERG newsletters is totes recommended, they can be easily categorized under “not important” and tossed, like Taylor Swift’s CATS single.

    Ask Internal Comms for a spot in their weekly/monthly newsletters to maximize reach. And don’t forget to include visuals!

    Here’s an example of an fun lil event announcement:

    Template Alert:

    Hi {{Company name}},

    {{Picture of a Tantalizing-looking Funfetti Cake}}

    Like Funfetti?

    Madonna from Capital Markets here. It’s Pride month, and Nick wants to show you what he’s most proud of… his baking skills!

    Join us today at 12:30pm in the 12th floor kitchen for a quick bite and kiki. Everyone is welcome – including the LGBTQ+ community, allies, partners and friends. See you there!

    Cheers, Madonna

Advertise the old-fashioned way — paper (gasp!)

  • As we write this, our inboxes have already doubled in unread emails.

    ERG what? Emails get easily lost in the day-to-day.

    Sometimes the best way to advertise an event is through posting flyers in communal areas — on bathroom doors, in the kitchen, or other popular common areas.

    You’ll want to connect with your facilities leader ahead of time to agree on standards for flyering, including how long flyers can stay up before being removed, off-limits areas, and even what kind of tape should be used.

    If they aren’t fans of the idea, propose a designated bulletin board in a common area for company-wide announcements.and share the date you’ll remove the delicate, non-permanent tape you’ve used to adhere said posters.

    Pocket-sized flyers also can do the trick. Give em something to hold onto!

Advice about direct invites

  • So, as much as you may want to invite that one person you always pass at the Cold Brew station, we recommend holding off. Perceived sexual orientation or gender identity can be tricky — and how folks want to share or express their identities at work is delicate, too. Unless you’ve had a convo that flags identity and they express interest, let folks come to you.

  • 💡 Q-Tip: Quick ERG Marketing

    1) Snap pictures at *every event.* With express permission, of course! And yup, even the meetings. This ensures you have visuals to accompany your outgoing invites/comms, and funding requests.

    2) Keep content interesting. Focus on messages that educate, entertain, and inspire. Try to hit at least one of these aims in your visual and written communications.

    3) Announce, remind, and follow-up: Every event should have at least 3 comms. Announce an event, send a reminder 2 days before, and follow-up to gather feedback.

Advertise to job candidates and allies

  • Yes, ERGs make for great external marketing too. The best way to advertise to job candidates is to include your ERG info on your careers page, in your D&I Report, and collateral for career fairs. Check with your comms and recruiting teams for their advice on how all of you can partner to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to the LGBTQ+ community to external audiences.

  • For example, here’s a blurb:

    Our work doesn’t stop at diversity. We also strive to create an inclusive culture where every {{Googler, Microsoftie (?), Amazonian}} belongs. This starts with our employee resource groups.

    ● Parents @

    ● Immigrants @

    ● South Asians @

    ● Veterans @

    ● Mental Wellness @

    ● Chinese Language and Culture @

    ● Asian Heritage Alliance @

    ● Jewish Community @

    ● Black @

    ● LGBTQ @

    ● Women @

    ● Amigxs @

    Any messaging to job candidates and allies should also include a bite-sized mission statement and core values (1-2 sentences), for example:

    “LGBTQ @ is a community for LGBTQ+ {{Company name}} members, allies and admirers to socialize, celebrate LGBTQ culture, and organize fun LGBTQ events at {{Company name}}!

Short list of sample programming

  • We recommend showing a diversity of programming to reach people at differing levels of desired engagement.

    For example:

    ● LGBTQ @ Events

    ● Lunch Socials

    ● Drag performances

    ● LGBTQ Film Screenings

    ● LGBTQ Lunchtime Game Shows

    ● LGBTQ Fireside Chats

    ● LGBTQ Advocate Speaker Series

    Out in Tech’s youth mentorship program (Out in Tech U)