Apply to become an Out in Tech Fellow!


Are you looking for an *amazing* paid internship at a tech company next summer? We think you’re #TechnicallyAwesome and encourage you to apply!

Just tell us a little about yourself, and we’ll read every. single. application. We’ll let you know by the end of January if you’ve been selected as a finalist, and then we’ll help prepare you for the interview process with companies.

Don’t worry — we’ll only share your information with our participating partner companies that are looking to hire you as an Out in Tech Fellow this summer!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline to apply?
Wednesday, January 16 at 11:59pm EST.
(Go ahead, apply now! It’s super fast).

How long will the internship be? 
The internship length will vary from company to company, with the longest being 12 weeks and the shortest being 4 weeks.

When in “Summer 2019,” exactly? 
Depends on the company! This will be sorted out once you’ve been selected.

What type of tech internships are we talking about? 
You’ll tell us what you’re interested in we’ll share that info with our partner companies. Lots of companies are looking for those any experience coding, but that’s not all! We’re also looking for people who are interested in data science, user experience (UX), graphic design, product, sales, marketing, finance, and HR.

Are all internships paid? 
Yep, at least $15/hour.  Some will pay more.  Some will have housing stipends and transportation, too.

Do I need to identify as LGBTQ+ to apply? 
Out in Tech’s mission is to empower aspiring LGBTQ+ tech leaders, so kindly keep that in mind as you think about whether this is the right fit for you.

Which companies are we talking about? 
Some of the coolest companies in tech! For example: Twitch, Headspace, PayPal, Bank of America, Verizon Media Group, HP, and more! Based on your resume and application , you might be offered a chance to interview at one of these great organizations. (Don’t worry, we can give you pointers!)

Can I also apply to be part of the Out in Tech U Mentorship program?
Absolutely! Applying for both does not impact your changes to get into either program!

Any other q’s?
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