March 12


06:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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Out in Tech


Ericsson HQ

Torshamnsgatan 21, 21 164 83 Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden, SE, 21 164 83

Out in Tech invites you to Ericsson’s HQ for an interactive panel discussion on ethical technology development, emerging technology demos (5G!), and meaningful networking with Stockholm techies. Ericsson builds the backbone that enables the world to connect to the internet. Whenever you search Google for hangover cures, watch RuPaul on Netflix, post that delicious food pic on Instagram, or call your Mom, you’re very likely to interact with Ericsson tech. We make it happen. 

The responsibility of enabling you to be connected reliably, securely, and privately is something that we take seriously. We’re excited to talk with you about how we run a company that values ethics and we believe it’s an important topic to discuss with LGBTQ+ and allies. 

Selected speakers include:

  • Niclas Älgevik, Global Digital Capability Development and Ways of Working Lead

  • Lourdes Pantaleon, Head of Executive Succession Enablement

  • Maria Linnarsson, Automation & AI Conversational Designer


Note: Out in Tech’s Code of Conduct applies to all our spaces, online and IRL.

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