September 24


08:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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Out in Tech

Join us for a panel discussion featuring cannabis industry experts representing tech, racial equity, and the queer community.

The legal cannabis market in the U.S. has been growing rapidly over the past decade, and Covid19 has thrust the industry even further into the limelight with many state governments declaring cannabis companies and dispensaries as ‘essential businesses.’ This, added with consumption and possession of medical or recreational cannabis being allowed — to varying degrees — in 42 states, we have to wonder: what does the future of legal weed look like?

Our fantastic panelists include:

  1. Jay Jackson aka Laganja Estranja (She/Her or He/Him) Female Illusionist, Choreographer, Music Artist, Cannabis Advocate
  2. Farhaj Mayan (He/Him) CEO, Kanna
  3. Seke Ballard (He/Him) CEO & Founder, Good Tree Capital

Link with 14k LGBTQ+ tech professionals in our Slack channel.


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