Equity Strategy

Out in Tech is committed to an equitable future. 

Below are the concrete steps we are taking as an organization towards the fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement of Black and QTBIPOC people everywhere.

  • Increase Black and QTBIPOC representation in Out in Tech leadership team

      1. Refresh ID data during LTI registration in November and in next OIT Leadership survey
      2. Establish targets to increase Black and BIPOC representation by city and committee across Out in Tech ecosystem
      3. Prepare OIT staff to mitigate bias to enable fair and equitable interview process
  • Increase engagement and belonging among our QTBIPOC leadership team members and community members

      1. Conduct survey that benchmarks Out in Tech’s diversity, equity, and inclusion, and set a meaningful completion rate target
      2. Enhance resources that drive belonging in our community (e.g., survey, mental health and well-being resources, speaker series with QTBIPOC tech leaders)
      3. Increase QTBIPOC representation on Out in Tech’s advisory bodies
  • Create more career advancement opportunities for QTBIPOC tech leaders

      1. Inventory how Out in Tech is supporting members to advance their careers
      2. Build a more structured plan for how to ensure equitable opportunities for QTBIPOC members of Out in Tech (e.g., access to job referrals; sponsorship > mentorship).
      3. Seek to understand what our employer partners do to reduce the burden on our members. Ensure QTBIPOC talent gets hired, and feel like they belong once there.
  • Build greater understanding of, and support for, topics related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging across the Out in Tech ecosystem

      1. Utilize multi-pronged approach (e.g., event-based trainings, asynchronous learning modules) to advance anti-racism at our corporate partners
      2. Generate additional written and editorial thought leadership around racial equity.  Target: quarterly thought leadership on equity tied to Out in Tech programs and ideas (e.g. product equity).  Set impressions targets based on LinkedIn data.
      3. Leverage Qorporate relationships to push a common vision of racial justice in tech.  We are committed to increasing QTBIPOC representation in leadership and advisory roles and we expect our partners to commit to doing the same.
  • Ensure QTBIPOC students in Out in Tech U have access to tech careers

      1. Confirm new baseline data and set targets for Black and QTBIPOC representation in Out in Tech U’s youth mentorship program.
      2. Provide equitable access to internship opportunities, applications, assessment process, and supports during the internship.
      3. Consider the role of universities and HBCUs and explore partnerships. E.g. How might we encourage more diversity internship programs at companies for students of color?
  • Support queer Black entrepreneurs

      1. Expand opportunities to showcase Black-owned businesses for our membership
      2. Leverage OIT network to make intro’s for Black entrepreneurs, as much as possible
      3. Earmark additional funding to pay queer and trans women of color speaking fees
  • Amplify Black and QTBIPOC peer groups and non-profits as community collaborators

      1. Inventory current state of community partnerships globally and locally
      2. Devise thoughtful strategy to expand Black partnerships beyond our current set of partners, with at least 5 meaningful relationships
  • Provide in-kind support to organizations combating systemic racism

      1. Use Digital Corps to build websites and apps (e.g., National Black Justice Coalition, White People Doing Things)
      2. Provide volunteer time for employees to work with organizations fighting systemic racism
      3. Amplify the work of organizations focused on voter registration and voting rights