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Whether you’re a developer or a designer or know how to write a kick-ass user guide, we’ll put you to werq.

Make an impact

You can do a whole lot in one day! A website can be a game-changing tool for activists.


Create lasting relationships with fellow volunteers and the groups you’ll be supporting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Out in Tech Digitals Corps connects our members to LGBTQ+ activists around the world to build them websites. The “build” days take place four times a year on a Saturday from 9am to 5pm, and you can learn about these opportunities by joining our list-serv (click on subscribe on the header).

You’re placed in a team of 5 and have the whole day to build the site, with ample information provided to you. The organizations get a free website, free domain, free hosting, and 24/7 customer support (along with a free premium theme).

These events have traditionally taken place in New York City and San Francisco, but we are exploring ways for other cities to get involved! As of April 2018, 50+ websites have been built for 30 countries around the world.

Oh, and you definitely don’t need to be a developer to participate! If you’re a graphic designer, put your skills to use by designing a logo / visual identity for the organizations. If you’re a great writer, create a user guide to ensure that the LGBTQ+ orgs can update the site themselves.

Nope! You’ll just need to make sure you have access to the Google Drive folder which will have all of the information you’ll need on the day of: project specs, assets, etc.

Your computer, a charger, and a positive attitude! If you don’t have a computer you can share with someone on your team — just let us know in advance. No need to bring food, we’ll keep you fed and hydrated throughout the day.

You have to attend these events in-person. Makes for a better group dynamic!

Yep! You can be a student, a UX designer, a barista… You should still apply! We’ll need at least two developers/engineers for each team, but always need someone with terrific writing skills and/or graphic design experience.

Totally! WordPress is easy to use; and you’ll even get a tutorial from some Automattic staff (Automattic is the parent company of WordPress) at the beginning of the day. We’ll make sure to always have a WordPress expert floating throughout the day if you have any Qs.

It sure is! You’ll be working to support LGBTQ+ organizations mostly operating in countries where same-sex relationships are illegal; doesn’t mean you have to be part of the community yourself.

Absolutely! The program is competitive, and the ask for each “build day” is different (e.g. one of our last events called for having multiple Arabic speakers, and we prioritized that as a selection mechanism; something we hadn’t done for other events).

Yep! We have quite a few people who have been volunteers multiple times.

Oh dang, we forgot to mention! There is an after-party either a few days after the build day; or sometimes that same evening. It’s a large event where we present the websites you built (no need for you to do a presentation: just sit back, relax, and let everyone applaud you!), hear video messages from the organizations you worked with, and network!

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