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The Digital Corps program builds WordPress websites for LGBTQ+ activists such as yourself around the world. A website can serve as a game-changing platform to share resources, raise funds, advocate for policy-change, and build community. Since 2016, our volunteers have built websites for over 50 organizations in countries including Jamaica, Pakistan, Uganda, and even the United States. These websites are completely free (with free hosting for 5 years), and are delivered with a comprehensive user guide allowing you to make changes yourself. We accept applications on a rolling basis. If you don’t already have a website (or need a complete revamp) but could use it for your work, we encourage you to take a few minutes and apply! Feel free to also take a look at our FAQ and examples of websites built by our volunteers.

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Are you part of an LGBTQ+ organization that needs a web presence?  Apply for the next Out in Tech Digital Corps and a talented team of project managers, developers, and copyrighters will create a website for your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Out in Tech is a non-profit based in the United States that unites the LGBTQ+ tech community. One of our impact programs is called Digital Corps, where members of our community build websites for LGBTQ+ activists around the world!

The program started in September 2016, and we’ve supported over 50 organizations since in 30 countries.

Nope. If selected, you would get a free website, free domain, free hosting for 5 years, free Premium Theme, and free 24/7 WordPress support.

We prioritize organizations that have a specific reason for wanting a website (e.g. raising awareness for a policy, fundraising, reporting incidence of discrimination…), as well as organizations that do not already have a functioning websites and groups that have the volunteer/staff capabilities of updating the website once it is delivered.

We accept applications on a rolling basis and build 40 websites a year. You can apply here!

Once you’ve been selected, we’ll need to collect all the information for the website. This means we’ll need at least one person from the organization to be responsive 4 weeks before the event and share necessary documentation. We are flexible in our communication: Skype, WhatsApp, Jitsi…

No personal info or sensitive information. Just the content you’ll want on the website. Want a ‘Documents’ section? We’ll need those documents. Want a ‘Gallery’ section? We’ll need a whole bunch of pictures. The more the merrier! All of this information will be stored in Google Drive, but we’re happy to work on another platform (email, Dropbox…).

Sure! Especially if it’s difficult for you to keep the website updated, and even more so if you have an idea for another web platform.

We very rarely take on personal projects, and are looking for LGBTQ+ organizations.

Sure! We’ve built websites for US organizations including the Massachusetts Trans Political Coalition and the Central Carolina Health Network. That said, we encourage you to apply only if you do *not* have the necessary budget to build a web platform.

There are endless possibilities. Some frequent categories include: About, Calendar, Donate, Documents, Report Incidence of Discrimination, Contact.

You! In addition to the website, we’ll provide a simple user guide explaining how to manage every section. You’ll also have at least one person on the team that built your website available for an hour or two per months (if you have any questions!).

We’ve built over 50 websites! Here are some:

TransWave (Jamaica)
TWEET (India)
Almas Cautivas (Mexico)
Outcasts (Tunisia)
Amkeni Malindi (Kenya)

Yes! You can either use your existing branding, or have designers create new/updated ones.

Nope! We’ve built websites in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Arabic. Multi-lingual is fine as well.

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