Digital Corps

The Out in Tech Digital Corps aims to provide web services to activists around the world. By creating websites (and other digital assets), Out in Tech volunteers will enable these unsung heroes to share information with their members, archive important documents, fundraise, and generally raise awareness on LGBTQ+ rights in their home countries.

In 2017, Out in Tech is organizing three full-day Digital Corps events, building websites for 30 organizations and uniting 150 volunteers. The first event occurred on June 10th, and aimed at supporting 10 domestic LGBTQ+ organizations such as The Hetrick-Martin Institute and The New York Anti-Violence Project.  

In the News


“The Out in Tech Digital Corps is doing its part to empower LGBTQ organizations to make those valuable contributions, and provide resources, tools, and attention to those the administration seeks to make invisible.”


“The Out in Tech Digital Corps won’t stop until every LGBTQ group has the tools it needs to thrive in any political environment (including here at home, should our current vice president ascend to the presidency of the United States).”

Case Study

The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) is an organization dedicated to ending discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression. One of their biggest requests for assistance  is around name and gender marker changes, which is a long and often confusing process. MTPC was looking for a user-friendly website to walk people through the process: from probate court name change, through the RMV, Passports, social security, birth certificates and beyond. The website would tell you exactly what forms and documents one needs, find a nearby office (probate court, social security, etc), and then help figure out what the steps after that might be. 

In June 2017, six Out in Tech volunteers were assigned the MTPC challenge for a full-day (as part of a Digital Corps initiative, which supported ten domestic LGBTQ+ organizations). The group spent the day developing the website, following specs and instructions from the MTPC Executive Director. 

The website, titled Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition ID Project, launched at the end of the day. It can be accessed here

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