Out in Tech 2022 Event Series

Introducing our first four events of 2022! Register now.

Out in Cybersecurity | January 27

Ransomware. Cyber warfare. Remote work errant keystrokes when the cat jumps on your lap. Any one of these is probably enough to make your CISO cringe.  For every hour of downtime, the largest e-commerce sites lose millions in revenue.  Mounting a strong cyberdefense in 2022 is no longer optional as nearly every aspect of our lives becomes digitized.  Join our panel of cyber and infosec experts as they discuss best practices in the field and make predictions for how companies will ensure continuity of operations in the future.

Content Rules | February 24

Content. We consume it, we create it, and no matter what, we can’t escape it. Content is the building block of our digital world, the foundation of our $14 billion influencer economy and the giant global retail e-commerce market. Come explore the idea of content as currency, and how rapidly shifting platforms, products, and business models are affecting everything around us, sometimes without us even realizing it.

Building Queer & Trans Wealth | April 7

Let’s talk money! Join us for a series of financial empowerment workshops and rapid talks. This one is all about you and helping queer and trans folks take control of their financial destinies.

That’s so Meta-verse | May 17

Let’s journey into the metaverse together to understand what happens when billions of us are living in a virtual world.  Will the Zuckerbergs and Nadellas of the world dictate what society looks and feels like in the future?  What does the metaverse mean for developers and those who work in tech?  Come hear from leading experts on everything they know about one of the buzziest topics in tech right now, and please bring your questions for this one!